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                                  “Mother So Dear misses you, too. Wherever you are right now, you’re a Deac. We're family. And we’ll get through this together.” Missing Our Deacs Video, @WakeForest Twitter


                                  A Message from Alumni Engagement

                                  Continuing Education Resources

                                  Information on COVID-19 for the WFU Community

                                  Share with us how you #WakeFromHome

                                  Wellbeing resources from the Thrive Office



                                  • Chaplain Auman’s Video Weekly Reflections series
                                    1. Expanding Our Hearts
                                    2. Where Are You?
                                    3. A Calm and Centered Presence
                                    4. When the Seeking Heart Stirs


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                                  • Jonathan Walton, Dean of the Wake Forest University Divinity School
                                    1. “We Have A Choice”   (5.28.20)
                                    2. Easter Sunrise Service (4.12.20)
                                    3. “Time Is Filled With Swift Transitions” (4.2.20)
                                    4. “The Now Normal” (3.29.20)
                                  • Additional Resources
                                    • Watch Wake Forest University’s Dance Company “Reflecting the Times”
                                    • Watch a portion of the Strength, Resolve, and Legacy Event held last winter commemorating 50 years of African American women residents at Wake Forest University
                                    • Read 15 ways to practice self-care in the time of coronavirus recommended by the Women’s Center
                                    • Watch The Wake Forest University Dance Company performance of Still, I Rise” a poem by Dr. Maya Angelou
                                    • Read The Daily Deac for heartwarming and helpful news from campus
                                    • Destress by visiting the Calm Blog for free mental and emotional wellness resources
                                    • Watch Wake Forest School of Divinity Dean Jonathan Walton’s message “The Now Normal”
                                    • Watch Wake the Arts performances: Share with us how you’re using creativity to keep yourself going and help us join together in community.
                                    • Watch “Coping With Corona” a video series presented by WFU Psychology Department Faculty Member, Christian Waugh, an expert on stress and coping
                                    • Listen to “What a Wonderful World” performed on Wait Chapel’s Harris Carillon by Anthony Tang (’11)
                                    • Join the multi-campus Movement Challenge using your email account and receive access to free online fitness classes. You could earn a coveted WFU Intramural Championship!
                                    • Read recommended reflections on Friendship in a Time of Social Distancing provided by Dr. Michael Lamb, Executive Director of the Program for Leadership and Character and Assistant Professor of Politics, Ethics, and Interdisciplinary Humanities



                                  in a Wednesday Webinar presented by our Alumni Personal and Career Development Center.  July topics are now posted!


                                   atom安卓下载 with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, authors of Designing Your Work Life


                                  • Resources to Help You Navigate the Challenges of Today’s Job Market from LinkedIn

                                  • Additional Resources
                                    • “Remote Work Hacks” webinar presented by Tiffany Tate (’07, MALS ’11)
                                    • BUILDING TRUST WHILE WORKING REMOTELY from The Engine Room
                                    • Read Mentoring When the World Is On Fire Written by Allison McWilliams (’95)
                                    • Read COVID-19 Has My Teams Working Remotely: A Guide for Leaders from Gallup
                                    • Read What It Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting from Harvard Business Review
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                                    • Read Living (and Working Virtually) in Uncertainty from Interaction Institute for Social Change
                                    • Read How to be a Respectful and Empathetic Co-Worker During the COVID-19 Crisis from the Harvard Business Review
                                    • Explore the Getting Things Done blog and podcast to enhance your personal productivity
                                    • Demonstrate your Deacon spirit in your video conferences by using these Wake From Home wallpaper downloads
                                    • Read 8 Ways to Manage Your Team While Social Distancing from the Harvard Business Review

                                  Are you a caregiver?


                                  Deacon Sports Xtra, the official Wake Forest insider email of WFU athletics


                                  Dr. Matt Zakreski on July 29 from 8 – 9:30 p.m. ET for a book reading and Q&A with author Gloria van Donge about gifted children. We will discuss her books and how to apply its lessons to help gifted children thrive.  Registration required.



                                  fantastic stories being read by students, alumni, and staff as part of the Wake Reads program through the Office of Civic and Community Engagement

                                  • Additional Resources
                                    • WFU Word Search
                                    • “The Science of Winston-Salem,” a series of videos and activities for kids created by a consortium of Winston-Salem organizationsUse this 黑猫tomAPP破解版 from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help your kids learn about the Coronavirus
                                    • Print this atom 加速器 apk and SOTOGAB band member and have fun coloring with your crayons!
                                    • Watch Alumna Colleen Somich (’07) read her most loved children’s stories on Facebook Live at 12pm EST, Monday – Friday
                                    • Read Boom. You’re a sandwich. from Thrive Global, recommended by Tiffany Tate (’07)
                                    • Read How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family from Greater Good Magazine
                                    • “Visit” Old Salem through their Exploratorium – online field trips for children
                                    • Join the Kids Cooking Coalition through the Office of Civic and Community Engagement
                                    • Create a visual family schedule using this quick guide from the Autism Spectrum Disorder team at NYU
                                    • Read 9 ways sandwich-generation caregivers can manage stress from
                                    • Read Captain Corona & the 19 COVID Warriors written by Wake Forest Alumna, Dr. Melissa Gratias (’95)
                                    • Use this Scavenger Hunt to see what your young one can spy with their Deacon eye!

                                  Hungry for some brain food?


                                  Old Salem Museums & Gardens and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Launch New Study South Initiative for Research and Experimentation from July – December 2020.



                                  Wake Forest University School of Law’s Isolated by the Law, a symposium that explores the legal and ethical implications surrounding quarantine during public health emergencies.

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                                  The Wake Forest Quiz Bowl Club for friendly competitive matches (whether or not you were on Wake’s Quiz Bowl Club as a student) on most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. until 5:45 p.m. — and there’s no commitment, so you can join the group whenever you’d like.  Just contact Prof. Robert Whaples if you are interested: 


                                  • Additional Resources
                                    • Watch“Cultivating the Confederacy: How Historians of Women, Gender, and Sexuality have reshaped the Civil War” Lecture with Dr. Michele Gillespie
                                    • Study leading historian Dr. Joanne Freeman’s History of the American Revolution course through Yale University’s Open Courses.
                                    • View this year’s TEDxWakeForestU speakers as they speak around the theme “Re-Vision.”
                                    • View the Reynolda House Online Galleries from your own home
                                    • Read about “Good People Helping Good People” in the Wake Forest Magazine
                                    • Watch Surf最新VIP破解版 a digital collection from the ZSR Library
                                    • Learn the history of Graylyn, the former residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bowman Gray and current International Conference Center
                                    • Complete Yale’s “Happiness Course,” The Science of Well-Being to engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits
                                    • Listen to Social Distance: This is as real as it gets featuring Dr. James Hamblin (’05) recommended by the Wake Forest Magazine
                                    • Discover your Enneagram and gain new levels of self-awareness. Better yet, have the whole family decide on their type then discuss!
                                    • Compost. Take this extra time at home to atom 加速器 apk to minimize the amount of garbage sent to the landfill and yield rich fertilizer
                                    • Listen to the Science of Happiness Podcast: Episode 62 – Staying Close While Self-Distancing

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                                  our campus virtually through the eyes of a perspective student, guided by Addie Folk (’19)



                                  Try our new Wake Forest coloring sheet for a way to take care of your emotional well-being.  Find it at Surf最新VIP破解版


                                  For the Love of New Ideas from the Wake Forest Magazine about alumnus Zach Klein (’04)



                                  • Additional Resources
                                    • Assemble atom官网下载 for students in Forsyth County. Outside of Forsyth County? Consider 黑猫tomAPP破解版. This is a fantastic way to participate in Pro Humanitate Days. #GoodWearsBlackPlay Wake Forest themed Sporcle games with your favorite Deacons friends!
                                    • Check out Deacon Deacons Athletics on twitter @DemonDeacons for announcements about when Wake Forest games are being re-played on various sports networks
                                    • Watch From the Ground Up a performance and collaboration between Wake Forest and Forklift Danceworks. Read more about the performance.
                                    • Declutter using these linux下的pdf编辑器_linux下的pdf编辑器下载_linux pdf编辑器 ...:Linux是一套免费使用和自由传播的类Unix操作系统,是一个基于POSIX和UNIX的多用户、多任务、支持多线程和多CPU的操作系统。它能运行主要的UNIX工具软件、应用程序和网络协议。它支持32位和64位硬件。Linux继承了Unix以网络为核心的设计思想,是一个 ... Swear By from
                                    • Play Wake Forest trivia games to test your knowledge of WFU!
                                    • Relive this year’s virtual Wake ‘N Shake that raised over $383,000 by watching these inspiring stories and awesome dance submissions.
                                    • Watch one of the Twelve Films That Highlight the Best in Humanity
                                    • Discover a new podcast from Digital Trends’ List of the Best Podcasts of 2020
                                    • Watch John Krasinki’s new YouTube channel “黑猫tomAPP破解版
                                    • Bake Deacon Crunch Cookies – Recipe developed by Marybeth Sutton Wallace (’86)

                                  How can I help?


                                  local businesses in your community.
                                  More information on Alumni-owned businesses to come!


                                  to the Pro Humanitate crowdfunding effort,

                                  to assist Faculty, Staff and Students in times of financial hardship


                                  “The Meaning Of a Motto”

                                  written by emeritus faculty, James Powell

                                  How can we help?

                                  How Can We Help?

                                  • Even as traditional methods of engagement have changed, the Office of Alumni Engagement remains committed to you. Please offer your thoughts, ideas, and feedback below. As always, Go Deacs!

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